Leadership occurs at all levels. Good organizations recognize this and embrace it. Good employees realize it and practice it, regardless of whether they are recognized or not.

While I am by profession a software developer, I am also a leader. Fortunately I work for a company that embraces leadership from every employee.  In fact, we’re all Co-Presidents; that was one of the drawing points of my current job. As a Senior Developer I do have some minor official leadership responsibilities, but mainly I “lead from below,” supporting and encouraging those above me to “do the right thing” as well as to do things right.

This blog represents my (unofficial, non-endorsed) ramblings on Leadership, often inspired by things at work or email I get from MOR Associates, a leadership training company.  I was introduced to MOR Associates through my previous employer, The University of Iowa. I’d like to thank both for encouraging a latent interest and making me aware of the need and opportunities for leadership throughout the entire organization.

If you’re interested in my software development ramblings, visit my other blog Farm Fresh Code.


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